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Hospitality Consultants

Based in Nashville TN, Hospitality Consultants is the parent company of Randi Events, Nashville Event Space and Randi Lesnick. Over the past few years we’ve worked with all three brands acting as their outsourced marketing department, allowing them to focus on what really matters to them, delivering experiences to their clients that are unparalleled.

The Solution

Our work with HC is more than just a vendor relationship, we’re true partners delivering design and collateral for their brands, amplifying their audience engagement and working together to create strategy in order to stay competitive in a cut-throat industry.

We built, manage and maintain three unique web properties:, and Additionally, we manage all SEO for these websites, continuously evaluating and updating keyword and CPC strategy for Nashville and the south-east region ensuring that deal flow stays high and she is top of the search results across several categories.


Hospitality Consultants


Nashville, TN

In lieu of an in-house design team, we’re HC’s design partner, crafting everything from print ads to social media graphics, email campaigns, business collateral and more.

The bulk of of our time is spent helping hospitality Consultants build and maintain a consistent and compelling narrative across their unique brand properties. Whether we have a team capturing video and photography assets at Kim Kardashian’s new product launch or we’re running socials live at Bonaroo, we’re always there to support and maximize their brand engagement and impact.

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