GaRey Apparel

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    Julia GaRey

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    Branding & Collateral

Julia GaRey is an apparel designer, specializing in timeless outerwear for women. As Julia’s reputation and business grew she decided to change her brand to reflect that trajectory while also more accurately capturing the voice that had developed with the company’s maturity.


This project felt more like a true collaboration. Having such a strong eye for design and understanding of aesthetic, Julia was able to describe to us and help us understand exactly what she was trying to do. We engaged in the full branding process including extensive design research and target audience questioning in order to ensure that we communicated exactly what she needed to attract more of the clientele she wanted. The brand performed so well that she was able to spin off another successful business from the fruits of GaRey.

GaRey Apparel - Portfolio 1
GaRey Apparel - Portfolio 1