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Strategic Blend is now realistic

Strategic Blend is now REALISTIC

Last year I had the pleasure of inviting two new, amazing partners into the company. We spent most of 2017 opening up the hood on the business, re-building the engine and focusing on what we’re best at.

We wanted to move in a new direction, providing deeper creative problem-solving, insight, killer design and video content. Last week that vision was fully realized, and Strategic Blend officially became REALISTIC.

We’re a creative agency obsessed with quality, transparency and with a low tolerance for B.S. Our team has a deep bench of experience across every industry and brand you can imagine.

And we continue to work with clients just like you – new and established, big or small, to understand your business and solve your problems, regardless of the medium.

Thanks for your time and support over the years. Strategic Blend was successful thanks to you, and we’re excited to start the next chapter.

– Taylor Trask
Managing Partner

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