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In this day and age the word “agency” can be interpreted in many different ways and held to a standard that an agency can do it all, no questions asked. Believe it or not, that still leaves room for interpretation.

What exactly do these agency folks do? What separates being an agency from being a studio or marketing company?

Let’s discuss.

So what is a studio?

A studio tends to be smaller and focused on design. So in clear terms, a studio is a place you’d go to with your strategy already in mind, and you just need a place to help create your brand and elevate it. Whereas an agency is much larger and can do everything a studio does plus produce content on different platforms (such as providing development, business strategy, video, and much more).

What’s an agency?

Many companies choose agencies if they need to re-imagine brands or use existing brand standards to create new assets to help showcase the brand. (Example: If they already have their logo and brand established, but need a TV commercial made.)

Now I’m not saying that agencies don’t create and elevate brands from scratch, there are many established agencies that do this as well as take on already established brands, it’s just rare to see.

What’s a marketing company?

Marketing companies are sales-driven entities. The focus can be getting increased likes, shares, and views of content on social media. While they may have a strategy in place, it’s not always in the best interest of the client. Some marketing companies may act like they are gatekeepers to social media, knowing more than the average user. While these companies can assuredly help small businesses, it’s a mix of agency and studio services that can create genuine engagement and relationships between brands and their customers.

Where does REALISTIC stand on the agency/studio Spectrum?

We have chosen a hybrid approach able to serve a variety of clients.  We create solutions for elevated brands as well as work with existing brands to produce assets such as video, websites, social media and marketing campaigns to take a brand to the next level.

We have a strong passion for problem-solving and curating valuable relationships with our clients. As such, REALISTIC does not fit into one box, but for society’s sake, “agency” is a sexy word and we believe it rolls off the tongue quite well with our name.

We’re just being REALISTIC.

If you want to see how we’re different, we’d love for you to get in touch. No pressure. No sales. Just real talk.

Image Credit: Bruno Cervera on Unsplash

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